Puzzles and Trivia Games

Test your knowledge or learn something new with these fun trivia games and puzzles!

Nursery Rhyme Quiz

Ten questions, ten answers, and nine Nursery Rhyme's to revisit and enjoy!

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Parts of the Body Riddles

Can you solve these body part riddles?

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Picture Puzzles

Use the images to guess the phrase in each photo group.

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Olympic Games Trivia

Test your Olympic knowledge with this trivia game while cheering on your favourite Olympic Athletes in Toyko this summer!

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Guess the Sound

A multiple choice sound based trivia game. This activity is phone and video call friendly, just play it through the microphone on the phone or screen share through video call!

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Old Wives Tales Trivia Game

Can you guess whether these old wives tales are true or not?

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Family Feud Style Trivia

This fun video assembles some "Family Feud" style trivia questions - based on the hit game show. How many of the top answers can you get?

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The Price is Right

Play the Price is Right at home! Can you guess what these items were worth in the 1970s? Prizes not included.

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Jigsaw Puzzles

This online resource of free jigsaw puzzles could keep you buys for days. Spin the wheel on your mouse to rotate the pieces, adjust the number of pieces down to 8 pieces or up to hundreds. Solve these puzzles with friends and family by playing in multiplayer mode. Instructions for multiplayer mode are found here

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