Active living activity list

Telephone or Video Calls

When you can't meet up with your loved ones it's difficult. Thankfully there's lots of technology that allows us to connect. Below are some fun activities and games to play over video call or the telephone.
If you aren't sure how to set up a video call ask around - friends, family, neighbors might be able to give you a hand.

How to Talk on the Phone with someone with Dementia

Find Me Something

Ask the other person to find "something blue" "something smooth" "something that starts with the letter C"

20 Questions

One person chose an animal or an object and everyone takes turns to ask a question so that they can guess what the person is thinking of. Yes or No answers only.

Who is it?

Show them an old photograph of a family member for them to guess who it is or use old photographs as prompts to discuss past family memories. 


One player acts out the title of a book or film one word at a time for others to guess.

Would you Rather?

Ask and discuss..."would you rather be able to fly or breathe underwater?"


Prepare some questions for each other and take turns being interviewed. This is a lovely activity to find out more about each other and to aid in reminiscing. 

Play Battleship

Grid games like battle ship can be played over a screen or over the phone!

The Great Cook - Off

Like so making cooking shows agree on a set of ingredients before and create your own versions of a delicious meal. You can put this on video together or speakerphone or just have a nice phone call after while you enjoy your meal!

Play a Board game

Games like Tenzie, Yahtzee, Guess Who? and others work great over a screen or the phone if you both have a set.


One person draws while the other guesses what it is. 


This popular word guessing game works perfectly over a videocall and can also be done on the phone.

Simon Says

One player is Simon and gives commands to everyone else. If they say "Simon Says...sit down" everyone must do that action. If they say just "sit down"  everyone must remain still or they are out of the game.


Just like pictionary except you use dough to sculpt the thing being guessed.

Read Together

Read a book together. 


If you know some performers then ask them to practice a performance and put on a show. Music over the phone or dance on video are great options.

Gratitude Jar

Record and share all the things that are good about being you. It's not only a wonderful emotional boost, practicing gratitude has also been proven to improve your physical health. Open the jar anytime to read all that is good! Do this one over the phone by sharing your what's in your jar with each other.

Write a Letter Together

Help write a letter to a friend or relative. You can write if the other person can not write their own. You can mail it or just take a photo and send it to the person.

Make Music Together

Spoon, clapping, banging pots, real instruments, and good old fashioned singing there's so many ways to make music together. 

Tell Jokes

Prepare a  collection of funny jokes to tell each other!

Dance Together

Turn up the music and just move.

Conversation Starter

This conversation starter wheel is a great way to have fun with someone over the phone or in person. Spin the wheel and discuss the topic that is selected.  

Click Here for Conversation Wheel